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A good Washington Post article that talks about immigration and President Trump

This is a good Washington Post article that talks about immigration and Trump’s presidency:

Majority of clients of The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina are here on work and business visas, such as H1B, O and L visas. We do not foresee a massive change in this area. We hope for a speedier or easier process to bring talented and outstanding workers and entrepreneurs to the USA. This would greatly benefit the USA and our law office welcomes such efforts.

Great number of our clients is working towards visas and status for victims of persecution and violence. We hope that the new administration will continue humanitarian efforts of the previous administration.

We advise immigrants with criminal record to establish a relationship with an immigration attorney to make sure you have access to representation, should president-elect Trump change existing policies and procedures and put more effort into prioritizing deportations. We will be happy to help. The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina

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