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Update on H1B statistics and our fabulous news! Year 2014.

This April 2014 USCIS received over 172,000 H1B petitions. A computer-generated process randomly selected the number of petitions needed to meet the cap of 65,000 visas for the general category (all petitions regardless of education) and additional 20,000 for petitions with US Master’s degree.


The agency conducted the selection process for the employees with US Master’s degree first. All US Master’s degree petitions not selected became part of the random selection process for the 65,000 limit.


So, USCIS will accept a total of 85,000 petitions. Over 172,000 were filed, which means the chance of winning the lottery is 49%. However, since US Master’s degree petitions play the lottery twice, the chance for people without US Master’s degree to win the lottery reduces to less than 37%.


If you have US Master’s degree your chances to win the lottery are at least 49%


If you do not have US Master’s degree your chances are less than 37%.


Please note that neither your attorney nor your employer can affect who wins the lottery. This is a random selection process.


The fantastic news that our law office wants to share is that we were incredibly lucky this year. As of today, 100% of our petitions won the H1B lottery. We are extremely happy that our clients received a chance to have their petitions reviewed and possibly approved. We worked and will work hard to provide USCIS with all required evidence to give approval news to our clients.