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Immigration Reform - Republican Party Blueprint

Republican Party released a one-page document, obtained by The New York Times, outlining their blueprint for immigration reform. It appears that Republican Party wants to prioritize employment based immigration, such as H1B visas, investor visas, visas for people who received education in the USA. These are great news as so many bright and talented people (including those who were educated here in the USA) currently have very limited options to legally stay here and be a productive part of the USA workforce. The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina welcomes this Republican initiative on immigration law.


At the same time the Republicans want to scale back on President’s initiative in immigration which became available through President’s Executive Orders. The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina is concerned that this means that Republicans are planning to cancel the i-601A waiver. Currently, people who came to the USA illegally (without a visa), married a citizen of the USA and are able to receive a green card if they prove to immigration services that there will be hardship to the US citizen spouse if the green card is not granted (This process is called a i-601A waiver of unlawful presence). This is an extremely helpful law to thousands of families where there are family members with disabilities or where there is some other hardship in the family.


Further, some green card holders who currently have minor criminal record might lose their chance to naturalize (become a citizen of the USA) if Republican version of the immigration reform becomes law.


The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina urges immigrants to have a consultation with an immigration attorney. There might be avenues to receive a green card available to you now which may disappear if Republican version of the reform becomes reality. Please do not lose your chance to become legal here in the USA. Know you rights, know your options.