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Our Productive Year 2013

The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina is proud to announce that as of this date we got approved EVERY immigration case that was filed in year 2013 and where we received the decisions from US immigration services. (Several cases are still in review. One visa case was withdrawn by client before the decision was issued.)


Approved cases include work visas (such as H1Bs) and violence against women (and men) cases, I-601A waiver, reentry permits. We are grateful to our clients for cooperating with our law office in gathering evidence to prepare strong cases.


We are grateful to USCIS for prompt review of immigration cases and kind consideration of our petitions.


We are also proud to be a part of US immigration system which allows people who suffered violence/abuse to find permanent safe home here in the USA, and which allows people with great education/experience to be a productive part of US workforce.